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State of the art Flight Physics

Unlike most simulators that hard code their flight physics we have taken a different approach. We built the flight model by using the real world physics engine powered by NVidia PhysX. This means you will experience fluid flight aerodynamics that react to external forces like wind and thermals. You will also experience interesting flight characteristics like slip and ground effect. In general it gives you an overall feeling of flight that you just can’t experience in other sims

Realistic Wind Simulation

We have spent a lot of time creating a new revolutionary wind system. It works by having actual physical “Wind Bubbles” move across the terrain. When a wind bubble hits or collides with a mountain it moves upwards just like wind would do in real life. This simulates ridge lift that glider pilots then use to gain altitude. You can manually change the wind speed and direction using the wind settings. You can also choose to have visible wind particles on or off.

Dynamic Thermals

Along with the wind there are also thermals. As any glider pilot would know thermals are essential for keeping aloft. We have programmed the thermals to populate over large flat areas just as they do in real life. Based on the thermals settings you have set, each thermals will very randomly in strength. So at times you may find a strong one, while other times it may be weaker. You can use the thermals to soar extremely high giving you a real sense of accomplishment and awe!

Built For Virtual Reality

The sim was built for virtual reality in mind! You can play the sim just find without VR, but the ultimate experience is with VR. The Oculus Rift, and the HTC Vive are supported. You can fly with Xbox controller or with hand controllers in VR. The current alpha version only supports Vive hand controllers but later we will be adding Oculus hand controllers.