Accurate Tracked Brake Input

The VR Hand Controllers mounted on the brake handles track the position of brake input!

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Tracked Weight Shifting

The VR headset detects how far you are leaning left and right so you can practice appropriate weight shifting!

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Operator Control

Ability for the operator to configure and start flights while the user waits in the harness.

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In Game Instructions

Harness Edition has built in instructions to get the user callibrated and flying right away!

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Compatible with Oculus and Steam VR

Harness Edition will work with any PC Virtual Reality headset that is compatible with either Oculus or Steam VR!

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Generate Income!

Charge for time using Glider Sim - Harness Editon. Can be used in a commercial enviroment such as paragliding school, events and entertainment venues.

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Commercial Pricing:

3 Day License: $15 USD / machine
7 Day License: $30 USD / machine
14 Day License: $50 USD / machine
30 Day License $80 USD / machine
90 Day License $160 USD / machine
180 Day License $300 USD / machine
Custom pricing for non-commercial use