A Virtual Reality Game Studio

Ever dream of flying? Now your dreams can be reality!

5D Realities is a Game Studio focused on creating high fidelity VR experiences that give you a real sensation of flight! We are oriented toward the entertainment, training and location based entertainment (LBE) market.

Be sure to check out Glider Island VR which is a fast paced rocket powered hang gliding racing game. Or if you're more into realism you will love Glider Sim, which is a highly realistic paragliding simulator! All our experiences can be found under Games.

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A new type of locomotion system that lets you fly!

Introducing hang gliding simulators. Simple in nature, easy to assemble, this is the future of VR flight! Are you interested in having a simulator at your location? Be sure to check out our Hang Gliding Simulators built by others that are fully compatible with our software.

Compatible Simulators

5D Realities Hang Gliding Simulator

VR Games

Check out our virtual reality games!
Glider Island VR is our fist game on the market. It is a fast passed virtual reality hang gliding racing game!

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Glider Island VR

Online Leaderboards! Track your score.

We realise that competition is what drives people to want to play. Track your high score with online leaderboards!

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