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Are you looking to purchase a hang gliding simulator? Some builders and manufactures may be willing to sell/ lease their simulators. Please scroll down to see our full list of compatible simualtors below.

Interested in constructing your own hang gliding simualtor? It's not that hard to do! See our Online Guide.

Manufacturer/ Builder SimpleMind VR (Hardware) - Seattle, WA
Description This simulator is a very sturdy lightweight aluminum custom built A-frame. Includes an automated fan to simulate wind, custom 3D printed handle bar grips with glowing button and a custom heavy duty bodyboard.
Willing to Rent, Lease or Sell? Yes, taking order request now! Please go to and fill out our form!
Website/Contact SimpleMindVR Website
Manufacturer/ Builder Icaros
Description ICAROS fuses health-science and gaming technology to enhance body and mind performance.
Willing to Rent, Lease or Sell? Yes, buy one today at

Manufacturer/ Builder Rentertainment - Australia
Description First simulator on the scene in Australia! This simulator draws lots of attention when showcased at events!
Willing to Rent, Lease or Sell? We are able to build a turnkey setup for other clients in Australia.
Website/Contact Rentertainment Website

Manufacturer/ Builder Sim Center - Tampa Bay, FL
Description Constructed by Sim Center in Tampa Bay Florida, this simualtor is simple yet draws the crowds in off the beach!
Willing to Rent, Lease or Sell? Yes, willing to work with other VR arcades especially locations located near or around Florida.
Website/Contact Sim Center Website

Manufacturer / Builder Fab Lab - Tacoma, WA
Description Created by Fab Lab Tacoma in conjuction with 5D Realities this simulator was first to arrive on the scene. It has showcased at many events around the Seattle area with never ending long lines!
Willing to Rent, Lease or Sell? Might be willing to construct one if the price is right.
Contact/Website Fab Lab Tacoma Website

Manufacturer/ Builder Platformers Games - Nashville, TN, USA
Demo Locations
Description Created by the owner of Platformers Games this simulator is the center of attention at the arcade!
Willing to Rent, Lease or Sell? Yes
Contact/Website Luke Arthur Sykes:
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Want to build your own Hang Gliding Simulator?

Are you an arcade owner, manufactur, or maker at heart and interesting in building one of these? Check out our online guide on the basics of creating a 5D Realities certified hang gliding simulator!

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Glider Island - Ride Edition

This version of Glider Island is compatible with hang gliding simulators and specifically built for arcades / location based entertainment.

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