Glider Island - Ride Edition

This version of Glider Island software has been designed to work with hang gliding simulators. Hang gliding simulators can be Custom Built or purchased from other manufactures that we list on our Compatible Simulators Page. Please check out the video below to learn more.

The sensation of laying down while having full control over your hang glider is what sets this VR experience apart from all the others. This is an affordable way to generate income for location based entertainment venues while drawing more attention to your location!

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Automated Wind Effects!

We have programmed the game to work with relay switches to turn a fan (or multiple fans) on and off as soon as you start flying!

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Designed For Lying Down!

Ride Edition has been designed to take stress off of the neck. Instead of having to look straight ahead this version has a 45 deg offset, so when you are looking down, you are looking ahead.

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In Game Instructions!

Ride Edition has built in instructions to get the user callibrated and flying right away!

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Ability to set custom session times

Set session times that expire once time is up. Great for location based entertainment venues who wish to sell timed sessions!

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