Simple controls based off of head movement.

The hang glider is controlled based on head movement. No complex electronic control systems needed!

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Designed For Lying Down!

Ride Edition has been designed to take stress off of the neck. Instead of having to look straight ahead this version has a 45 degree offset, so when you are looking down you are actually looking ahead.

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Automated Wind Effects!

We programmed the game to automatically switch on a fan as soon as you start flying which increases the immersion factor dramatically!

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Ability to set custom session times

Set session times that expire once time is up. Great for location based entertainment venues who wish to sell timed sessions!

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In Game Instructions!

Ride Edition has built in instructions to get the user callibrated and flying right away!

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Generate Income!

Most location based venues have been selling sessions for 1$ to $2 per/ minute and if you do the math its easy to make a profit! This is very affordable compared to other Virtual Reality Flying experiences. Instead of having to dish out $100,000 to purchase something such as the Birdly VR, you can stay with in a very reasonable budget.

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Commercial Pricing:

3 Day License: $10 / machine
7 Day License: $20 / machine
14 Day License: $35 / machine
30 Day License $50 / machine
90 Day License $125/ machine