I am interested in this! How do I get it? ...

We are hard at work creating and testing our first hardware units being built for commercial use. If you are intersted in pre-ordering the first of the units please contact joeysipos@5Drealities.com. There might be a wait list but we will do the best we can to serve your needs.

Can I build my own flying hardware?

Sure, why not!? We are partnering with others who want to create thier own hardware. If you wish to create and manufacture your own hardware please contact joeysipos@5DRealities.com for specific information on how to make the hardware compatable.

How do I license the Simulator Edition of Glider Island?

Glider Island Simulator Edition is avalible to license now. The Simulator Version is differenct from the Personal/ Arcade Edition. The Simulator Edition specificaly supports flying hardware and has custom sessions. More details to come but if you wish to lincese now, contact joeysipos@5Drealities.com

I want to try it! How can I experience this?

You can search on our Map (coming soon) for the nearest apparatus near you. Or contact joeysipos@5Drealities.com and we can hook you up with a private session here in Seattle, WA USA.

How does it work?

People love it!

Interested in building hardware for Glider Island?

If you are interested in building your own harware for Glider Island please contact Joeysipos@5DRealities.com, as there are certain specifications that should be met for a quality experience.