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Avalible on Steam for PC

Leverage the full potential of your gaming PC with the Steam version, which boasts superior graphic fidelity. This version is versatile, offering the option to play both in VR and non-VR modes. It also provides an extensive array of graphic settings, enabling users to maximize the performance capabilities of their PC.

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Avalible on Standalone Meta Quest

Experience Glider Sim with unmatched portability. Identical to the Steam version with the exception of slightly reduced graphics, it allows for play anywhere and anytime without the need for a PC or cables. All that's required is a Meta Quest VR headset, ensuring convenience and mobility.

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5 Types of Gliders + Drone

Glider Sim includes the Paraglider, Paramotor Trike, Mini-Wing, Speedwing and Hang Glider. As well as a FPV (First Person View) racing quadcopter drone you can use to get awesome cinematic shots in multiplayer!

Glider Sim - Glider Types

Advanced Flight Physics

Experience state of the art flight physics where each cell of the glider has lift and drag applied in real time! Including the pilot himself. You can do maneuvers such as wingovers, spirals, stalls, and swoops. Watch out and don't let your wing collapse!

Glider Sim - Advanced Flight Physics

3 Scenery Locations

The 3 maps included are Sun Valley, ID, United States and Walenstadt - Switzerland (Swiss Alps) and the Grand Tetons, USA. Each map is derived from real world satellite imagery and overlaid with high resolution textures, grass, trees and wildflowers! The scenery also includes custom placed roads, houses, buildings, power lines, soaring eagles, cruising airplanes and more! Additionally, each map offers over 100 distinct launch points, providing a diverse range of starting locations for your exploration.

Glider Sim - Scenery Maps

Online Multiplayer

Fly online with your friends and use radio chat to communicate as you fly! Simply create a multiplayer room and let your friends join. Up to 16 people per session can join. You can do long flights together or perhaps load up some of the challenges and complete them together. Multiplayer is crossplay compatible with Steam and Meta Quest users.

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Dynamic Wind and Thermal System

You can set wind direction, wind speed and thermal activity and all weather conditions are synced across multiplayer. Use ridge lift and thermals to stay airborne. To help visualize wind currents you can toggle on and off wind particles for identifying thermals and ridge lift. Wind visualization is a great training aid for beginner glider pilots! Also keep an eye out for those eagles circling thermals, another great indicator of lift.

Glider Sim - Wind and Thermal System

Lessons, Challenges and Leaderboards

Embark on your gliding journey with our comprehensive introductory lessons, designed to acquaint you with the fundamentals of this exhilarating sport. Each map in our simulation comes equipped with a variety of scored challenges, providing ample opportunities for you to test your skills and aim for the top score on the leaderboards. Our challenges are diverse, and include speed flying challenges and cross-country (XC) challenges, with the exciting addition of paramotor race challenges coming soon!

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