Continuous Tracked Controller Input

No need to hold the vr hand controllers or press the grip button to fly. Just mount the hand controllers on your paragliding rig setup and you are good to go!

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Tracked Weight Shifting

The VR headset detects how far you are leaning left and right so you can practice appropriate weight shifting!

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Operator Control

Ability for the operator to configure and start flights while the user is seated in the harness.

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Flight Path Renderer

This continuously traces the flight path and renders the trail in game. This makes it easier to see where you have flown and if you are ascending or descending. Great for thermal training and making approaches.

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Compatible with Oculus and Steam VR

Harness Edition will work with any PC Virtual Reality headset that is compatible with either Oculus or Steam VR!

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Generate Income!

Charge for time using Glider Sim - Harness Editon. Can be used in a commercial enviroment such as paragliding school, events and entertainment venues.

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Commercial Pricing (After Trial):

For use at a flight school, entertainment venue, or anywhere charging customers

7 Day License: $28 USD / machine Save 0%
14 Day License: $50 USD / machine Save 10%
1 Month License $96 USD / machine Save 20%
3 Month License $252 USD / machine Save 30%
6 Month License $432 USD / machine Save 40%
1 Year License $720 USD / machine Save 50%
Non-commercial use (at home use only) is 50$ USD for 1 Year License